During the existence of such entertainment as fantasy sports, many different rules and formats have appeared that make the whole process unique from time to time.

Only the structure of the game remains unchanged: it consists of a draft and a set of points. Draft is the process of selecting players to become members of your team. There are several types of draft, which we will discuss below. As far as scoring is concerned, the rules of the mode you choose usually apply in this phase. We will also analyze the types of game modes in this article. So, different leagues set the following types of draft for games:
Standard draft. Most popular in modern fantasy leagues. Each participant simply selects a team from the players from the list. Usually, the manager who first selects a player to the team in the first round becomes the last one in the second, and vice versa.

Auction draft.

This is a newer format for fantasy gamers. The typing process is a lot of fun and unique in itself, but it takes a lot longer. Each manager receives a certain amount of play money, which he can use in the process. Any player in the auction can be bid on as long as there is enough money to win the bid. Thus, if you want to build a team with a famous athlete, you will have to invest a lot in it. Most likely, after that you will not have enough money to add other strong players.

Draft with preservation.

This format is different in that the owner can keep a set number of players from the previous season in his team to use in the new one. Sometimes it is allowed to leave only one player, in other cases – from three or more. The rules of some leagues provide for a penalty for retaining players.
After recruiting players, the game continues in the mode set by the league. Among them, there are several main ones.

Mode “Duel”

Every week, your team will virtually face someone else’s, which can end in victory for you (if it scores more credits) or defeat. Then the winning/losing teams will meet in the playoffs. Each new season, players need to be recruited again

Total scoring mode
The ultimate goal is to score the maximum number of points, and not victories in weekly battles, as in a duel.

Dynasty Mode

Dynasty mode is similar to a save draft, but the team can stay the same year after year. Players can be fired or sold. In the recruiting season, you can invite new talent to your place. This mode is especially difficult, as it can take years and a special approach to replace a poorly formed team. Great league to challenge yourself.

Survival mode

This mode can be used in conjunction with both Standard and Auction Draft. At the end of the week, the team with the fewest points scored during the week is eliminated. In this mode, it is very important to take into account the possibility of injuries and other similar problems for players, because usually free trading is prohibited here. For a successful game in this format, you need some luck.

One day games

A relatively new format for familiar fantasy games. Such games last for one day (or a week, in the case of the NFL).

How is fantasy sports treated in the world?

In many EU states and in 15 US states, fantasy sports are legal and have their own classification in the legislation.

The governments of several countries in Latin America and Canada define fantasy as a type of sports betting. The activities of bookmakers are allowed there, so there are no obstacles to development.

Australia and Oceania have not given any status to virtual sports. But in this region, the gambling industry is completely legalized, which means that nothing prevents the development of fantasy here. On the contrary, this genre is becoming more and more popular every day.

In Asian countries, recently there has been a revision of legislation in the field of gambling.

Once again, fantasy sports was left without a clear formulation and control. But the number of people who are fond of team competitions is growing. Perhaps soon the games will become legal.

In the CIS countries, in the regions of the Near and Middle East, fantasy sports are recognized as a kind of gambling. Formally, tournaments are prohibited, but players can easily bypass the conventions by visiting foreign resources. For example, in Russia there are more and more fans of online competitions.

In Africa, the market is just emerging, but it can already predict success. There are almost no restrictions for the development of this industry on the continent.

What to expect in the future?

Fantasy sports can be attributed to both varieties of sports betting and gambling, and singled out as a separate independent direction. In Canada and the United States, sports competitions on the Internet have become worthy competitors to bookmaking. And the popularity of the new type of games is only growing. Already now it is safe to say that in the future the industry expects great success.