What is fantasy sports?

Fantasy Sports is a game in which you assemble a roster of real players from a sporting event. Games take place every day and their choice is huge: all kinds of football championships, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, as well as tennis tournaments, UFC, various eSports events and motor sports, so everyone will definitely find something interesting for themselves.

During the match, the athletes of your team score points for successful actions (they are different in each sport). At the end of the day or season, the points are summed up and the players are ranked according to the number of points scored by their team. The team with the most points and the highest scoring team (usually the top 20%) wins and receives a cash prize. The closer to the first place, the bigger the winnings.

How is fantasy sports different from a bookmaker?

Fantasy sports is different in that it is not the bookmaker who plays against you, but the same real users as you. You don’t need to correctly guess all the winners to take a prize – you just need to score more points than others.

Since the platform is interested in successful players, no matter how much you win, you will never face account cuts or withdrawal problems.

How to start playing?

After you have registered and made your first deposit, go to the “tournaments” section, where you can see all upcoming tournaments and the time before the game starts. You can also view current and completed tournaments here.

Here we see all currently available games, with different buy-in (entry amount) and different prize pool, as well as the number of available seats. The prize fund remains unchanged, even if there is a shortage in the number of participants. If, on the contrary, there are more participants than planned, then the prize fund will grow.

Thus, you can start playing with a very small amount, or enter with a large bank if you are a more experienced player.

The site has different types of games according to the number of participants. You can compete both one-on-one and take part in major tournaments with several thousand participants.

Clicking on the “details” button opens a window with more detailed information on the tournament, including the rules, the list of participants and the distribution of prizes.

By clicking on the “input” we get to the page where we need to collect the composition. The number of players depends on the sport. We can choose players from different teams, even if they play against each other. We are limited only by the budget. Each player has its own price, so it will not work to take only the most expensive ones. We’ll have to look for cheaper, but promising players.

After that, click on the yellow “login” button. That’s it, now we are participating in the tournament. We will be asked to enter tournaments with a different prize pool with the same lineup, or enter the same tournament with a different lineup. In most games, the number of squads is unlimited, meaning you can register as many squads as you want.

Before the start of the game, you can always return to the team editing page through the “my games” section in the main menu and make substitutions. In the same section, you will be able to track your results during the game.

There is another type of game – “pursuit”. There we are no longer limited by the budget, but we will receive bonus points for the unused budget. And we also have to choose a captain (whose points will be doubled) and a vice-captain (who will receive 1.5 times more points).

How to register and make a deposit?

Registration on the site is very simple. After filling in all the fields, you will receive a confirmation letter to the specified e-mail address. It happens that clicking on the link does not automatically redirect you to the site, however, your account is already verified and you can log into your account.

On the top right you can see your game balance and the amount in the game. By clicking on the avatar you will open a menu where your game ID is visible. Here you can also make a deposit or withdrawal of funds, you can see all transactions, notifications will come here, and here you can change the settings.