Modern football in our time plays a role for everyone in life:

For some, football is an outlet and a way to have a good time with friends, for someone it is passion, adrenaline and emotional release, but there are people for whom football is the main type of income. It is about how to make money on football that will be discussed today.

When it comes to how to make money with the help of the Internet and football knowledge, the first thing that comes to mind for most is betting. I admit, I myself have some experience of playing the sweepstakes. I did not achieve great results that I can boast of, but I managed to earn some extra money.

After a detailed study of the principle of scoring players, I decided to try to declare my team.

Initially I wanted to focus on the English Premier League, but since the tour in England was not played this weekend, my eyes fell on the German Bundesliga.

When I finished reading the publicly available information for “dummies” on the Internet, I moved on to an analysis of the future round of the German championship. Having determined the favorites of each of the pairs, I began to choose which of the players from the teams of potential winners to put in which positions.

I entered the tournament with an entry fee of 3 euros. A total of 102 players took part in the tournament, 16 of which were in prizes (the winner earned 62.71 euros). I will say right away that I did not get into prizes and was content with the 38th final place.

Further, I will tell you in more detail about those players whom I chose, what I was guided by and what, in fact, came out of it. Who brought me the coveted points and with whom did I miss?

Looking at the latest results of Stuttgart and taking into account Schalke’s difficult trip to Lviv, I bet on the Swabians, so Artem Kravets’ teammates got three places in my team. I gave the place at the gate to Przemysław Tyton. Already in the 14th minute of the Schalke – Stuttgart match, Younes Belanda destroyed my hopes for a clean sheet by the Polish goalkeeper. The number 22 of Stuttgart brought me 3 points for this match (2 for 90 minutes played and another 1 for 4 saves in the match).

Of the quartet of defenders with three, I frankly lost. The duet from Hertha and Schwab from Stuttgart brought me 2 points each (for 90 minutes played). Nordtveit from Borussia Gladbach replenished my piggy bank with 6 points (2 for 90 minutes played and 4 for a clean sheet).

My midfield option, to put it mildly, also failed to shine. Hofmann (Borussia, M) brought me 1 point for 24 minutes on the field, as did Didavi (Stuttgart), who spent more than 60 minutes on the field, but failed to earn 2 points due to a yellow card for 28 th minute of the meeting. Henrikh Mkhitaryan added 3 points (2 for 90 minutes, 1 for a clean sheet).

The attacking line was the most productive in my team.

Well-known to Ukrainian fans, Raphael (Borussia M) earned 6 points, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Borussia D) – 8. My most well-aimed hit was the choice of Thomas Muller, because it was he who scored a double for Bayern and helped Munich win victory over Darmstadt with a score of 3: 1. The leader of the Bavarians earned 12 points, and my appointment of Müller as captain turned 12 points into 24.

Thus, it turned out that Thomas Müller scored 42% of the total points scored by my team. It was Muller who pulled me to a rather high 38th place.

If we consider the team chosen by me, then unfortunately we can state that I failed the tour. But, as they say, the first pancake is lumpy.

Last weekend, I persistently did not believe in the teams that played in European competition during the week. But German clubs have proven that they are quite capable of fighting on several fronts without compromising the results of the national championship.

I’m not going to stop there, next weekend I will storm the English Premier League. For those who have not yet decided to put their hard-earned money on fantasy football, I will say that tournaments are held on this site from time to time without a participation fee, of course, the winnings are not the same as in paid tournaments, but in order to practice – the most it.

I will regularly inform you about my further successes and failures in my blog. If there are experienced fantasy football players among the football players, I will be glad to hear useful tips and, possibly, some secrets in the comments.